Welcome to the School Council

Adult leader – Mrs Cunningham

All of our school council members have been democratically voted for by their peers as representatives for their classes. Our eight members have their photographs proudly displayed on our school leaders' board in the entrance hall. The role of each representative is to attend school council meetings to discuss ways to continuously improve our school and to act as an outstanding role model for others. The role of each member is crucial as the suggestions and opinions they share on behalf of their peers give a greater insight into ways that we can work together to further develop our school.


The School Council meet regularly to discuss real issues on behalf of their peers. Our projects include improving the school environment and outdoor area, staying healthy, keeping safe and arranging charitable fundraising events.
We believe it is important for our pupils to actively contribute to the life of the school. 


The School Council has recently worked towards providing extra play equipment for break times and raising money for a nursery in Peru.  The children are also working with members of the Fair Trade Committee to try to make our school a more eco-friendly site, reminding everyone of the need to recycle waste paper, keep external doors closed (to keep the heat in) and to switch off the lights.






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