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Rachel MackayYour Teacher in Chestnut Class is Mrs Mackay

The children in Chestnut Class are in Year One and are making the important transition from the EYFS to Key Stage One of the National Curriculum.



In addition to our curriculum statements available under the ‘Our Learning’ tab, the documents below will give more information about the curriculum in Chestnut Class:

We hope that you will feel welcome in our classroom at all times and will contact Mrs Mackay immediately, should you have any questions at any time during the term.

PE days
Our PE days will continue to be Tuesday and Friday.  We will be taking part in outdoor PE when the weather is reasonable so please ensure children have shoes for trhe field.

You will receive a quick update email each Friday to explain the homework for the week and give a snippet of information form the learning that we have been doing. Weekly homework in Chestnut Class may include:


  • Reading books are sent home daily along with a home learning record.  Please sign the home learning record when you hear your child read at home.  Children do not always have to read their school reading book - you could record any reading they do as this all counts towards their sticker for reading four or more times at home in a week.  Stickers will usually be awarded on Mondays.

    Children choose their own reading books so may sometimes choose a book that they have read before because they like it!  This is also good for their learning as repetition helps to secure language structures and comprehension, but if the same book comes home too many times, please let us know. Reading books will be stored in magazine files during the day so please do encourage your child to check here if he or she ocmes home without a book.

  • The home learning record has lists of common exception words and high frequency words that your child needs to learn to read, if he or she cannot already read them. They will move on to being able to spell these words accurately in their writing, too. There are many creative things you can do with these to help your child to learn them so please ask if you wold like some ideas. The following links also show these words:



  • Children may be given maths homework on a Friday, to be returned the following Tuesday. This will usually be in the form of a masths activity mat and it would be helpful if you could encourage your child to use concrete apparatus, such as counters or beans, number lines or clocks, to work out some of the answers.

  • Children will also bring home number bond cards to practise recalling number facts. These along with counting forwards and backwards in 2x, 5s and 10s are essential to future learning.


  • In line with the school spelling strategy and the national curriculum, children will be taught particular sounds and rules and will bring home a short list of words to look at to apply these sounds and rules.  Please encourage your child to learn to read and spell them, along with finding other words that use the same sound or rule, when you are reading together.

  • All pupils will be working on spelling the days of the week correctly and all pupils will be encouraged to spell an increasing number of common exception words and high frequency words correctly.

Additional information:

Please visit the learning links section of this site for additional resources by subject.


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