What makes our school special?

This term the children in school have been talking about what makes our school special.  Reception and Year 1 had ideas that included our wonderful playground and field, our friends and being near to the church so that we can visit on special occasions.

Lydia Bradley
Our school is special because we have kind teachers that help us to learn interesting things. We are all kind to everyone, so it feels like a family. If we are hurt or have fallen over then one of the teachers makes us feel better. Our school is special because we are next to the church and our vicar, Reverend Alison, comes to visit us. We also have Santa who comes to visit us at Christmas.

Rose Staniforth
Our school is special because we go to church to pray and we have a vicar. I’m very proud to be at our school because we all work hard and we all work together to be a good school. We have lots of visits and we do music. The adults are the most caring because they are always here for us and they help us when we are hurt. Our Head Teacher is good because she is part of the family, we are like a big family and you are very welcome at Kirby Hill, all of the time.