PTA (Parent Teachers Association)

About the PTA
An integral part of the school community, the PTA have to date raised hundreds of pounds towards educational resources and run a number of social events for parents and children.


2017 Fundraising
The PTA raised over £2,000 in 2017to pay for:

  • Class trips
  • Swimming
  • School Trips
  • Competition Prizes


2018 Autumn Term Fundraising event's

  • To be confirmed

The PTA committee members are

  • Anita Ryall (Chair)
  • Hannah Howgate (Vice Chair)
  • Laura Angus (Secretary)
  • Frances Harrison (Treasurer)
  • Laura Richardson (Events Manager)
  • Wendy Firth
  • Lindsay Wilkinson
  • Kelly Mazza
  • Rachel Mackay
  • Emma Lowe

Volunteers Needed
The next PTA meeting is on Tuesday 5th June, 7.00 pm at The Grantham Arms, Langthorpe.

If you would like to help and be a part of this valuable team, please come along.  Our school needs you!

The Kirby Hill Primary PTA are delighted to be sponsored by the following organisations in 2018



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