PTA (Parent Teachers Association)

Volunteers needed

Miss Lowe, Mrs Mackay and other members of staff are hoping to re-launch the school’s PTA in order to start organising the fund-raising and events calendar for the year.  We will be holding our first meeting (just a short one – 30 mins) on Monday 18th September at 7pm at The Blue Bell Inn.  If you would like to help and be a part of this valuable team, please come along.  Our school needs you!

About the PTA
An integral part of the school community, the PTA have to date raised hundreds of pounds towards educational resources and run a number of social events for parents and children.

2016 Fundraising
The PTA raised over £2,000 in 2016 to pay for:

  • Class trips
  • Swimming
  • Year 6 Visit to London
  • Competition Prizes

2017 Autumn Term Fundraising event's

  • To be agreed at the September meeting.

The PTA members are:

  • To be agreed at the September meeting.


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