Governing Body Committees

The School Governing body are involved in a number of committees, as followed:

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Committee meet to carry out regular walks around school to check that policy is working in action and any matter which may be of concern is made good.

An annual visit by Wendy Parkin, County’s Health and Safety Risk Adviser, is made and with the engineer from GFM and a Governor, further inspection is undertaken. Safeguarding is a priority.


The staffing committee oversee the Head Teacher’s Performance Review in collaboration with Heather Mensah, our Primary School Improvement Adviser.

The Head Teacher shares with Governors the results of her own Staff Performance Review. Teaching staff, teaching assistants, support staff and volunteers within school are part of our remit, along with monitoring aspects of our school staffing by PFI.

Career development of staff is our concern, along with pay remuneration. Absences, new posts, interviews and class structure all fall within the agenda of this committee.

School Improvement Committee

All governors are part of this committee, meeting once a term and more often if deemed necessary.
Data is analysed and discussed with progress and achievement being matched to gender and other criteria.

Each term the teachers responsible for English, Maths and Early Years present a report and answer governors’ questions.

Much time is spent looking at RAISE* statistics and considering the outcome of interventions and the use of best practice.

*RAISE is government assessment data and the profile of the school.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets a minimum of once a term to discuss all the school’s financial matters. The committee comprises of the Head Teacher, Assistant Head, Chair of Governors, 2 other governors and usually (but not always) the Bursar.

We employ a Bursar to set and help monitor the school budget. We use the Financial Management Service (FMS) supplied by North Yorkshire County Council to provide a Bursar.

We approve payments, approve projects, review charging policies and consider the financial needs of the school going forward into future years. Our aim is make best use of the funds available to us.

Curriculum Committee

This committee meets once a term to adopt subject policies, written by the head teacher, subject leaders and staff, and receive updates on developments in subject areas.  We meet with subject leaders who tell us about policy changes and how they meet curriculum requirements.

We go on learning walks with a subject leader to see the policy in action. We have a meeting where we discuss one subject with the subject leader and can ask questions before seeing children working on that subject.  This may be for an hour or a whole morning or afternoon session, depending on the lessons being delivered.

The committee has met as part of the School Improvement Committee in 2014/15 as well as this year. Our continuing focus has been on standards and raising attainment and progress in English and maths, and ensuring the best use of the sports premium in the provision of PE.




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